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Welcome and thank you for stopping by!  

Like many of my Lightworker friends, I have felt an otherworldly call as far back as I can remember.  Whether it has been communing with Nature, receiving messages from my Angels or some words of encouragement from departed Loves Ones, the Beyond has never been far from reach.  After spending most of my life in healthcare, I have found that my Spiritual side will no longer stand for taking a back seat!  She demands to take the lead and assist our over burdened, stressed out world.  I respect all faiths, as I believe the great common denominator is and always must be Love!

What To Expect


Since we are all unique and beautiful beings, we all have different needs.  I believe in tailoring my services to best fit the individual.  We start with you sending me an email with a short description on what you are looking for.  I will follow up with you using your preferred method of contact and we will discuss your needs.  When we have settled on the best way I can be of assistance, we set a date and I travel to you!

That's the logistics, but what you can expect from me is Love, Compassion, Understanding and Assistance.  It can be pretty rough living on this earth, Sweet Soul...  but we are all in it together and I am here to help!


3/28/20 - 4/4/20


Event Details

3/28/20 - 4/4/20


I invite you to join me for a small group tour to Morocco!  We will sleep in historic riads, eat delicious food and explore this beautiful land!  All meals are included and we will see it all, from mountain to desert!  During our one night in a luxury camp in the Sahara, I will lead a guided meditation under a myriad of stars!  Looking for spiritually minded, culturally curious people to join me for this exclusive even!  Message me now!

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For questions or requests for services, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon!

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